Conder House

Conder House is the only hospital grade barrier laundry and linen service in the ACT that is accessible by the general public. Barrier laundries are designed and equipped with technology to ensure the best defence against micro-organisms and cross infection. All items washed by Conder House are washed in accordance with AS/NZS 4146:2000 and meet all requirements for sanitisation.

Since opening our doors in 2016 to residential and business clients, we have grown substantially and are supporting laundry, linen and nappy clients throughout the Canberra Region. Conder House also provides a part-time employment opportunity for our Director's son John, whom has severe Autism and intellectual delay. 

During 2019, our goal is to increase sustainability practices in early childcare education centres in the Canberra Region through the use of MCNs. Additionally, we support those who choose to use their own MCNs by sponsoring 'Canberra Cloth Bums' through the laundering of their nappy library items between each loan.