Birth By Amey


I have a bit of a reputation as a ‘non-hippie’ doula. I don’t do yoga, never meditate and don’t use essential oils. I’m a firm believer that all you really need to give birth is YOU, but with me as a member of your team, you’ll receive the emotional and physical support needed to birth like the goddess you are.

As a birth photographer, my aim is to be invisible whilst capturing one of the most precious days of your life. Birth photography is not about the crotch shot – it’s about the love, joy and intricate details of your birth and first few hours as a family. Be confident in the knowledge that you and your partner can be fully present to every moment as all your memories are being beautifully and professionally captured.
5 years and over 70 births means I have been able to perfect the art of simultaneously supporting and photographing births. I now offer both services in my Novel and Trilogy packages.