Bellair Coffee

Bellair is Canberra's only mobile specialty coffee provider serving the most delicious coffee, hot chocolate, chai and tea. We operate weekdays at 55 Wentworth Avenue in Kingston and on the weekends we go to various functions - Our mission is to redefine the mobile coffee experience by providing exceptional café quality and service in a flexible and convenient way.

we plan to bring our delicious hot drinks to event patrons coupled with the exceptional customer service that we are renowned for.  Our highly trained and super friendly baristas are always up to chat and our van, which mixes classic styling’s with modern and class leading coffee equipment, looks particularly attractive. We use the industry leading La Marzocco Linea PB espresso machine, which delivers a delicious golden rich espresso. We source our coffee and hot chocolate from Dukes Speciality Coffee roasters in Melbourne. We use the deliciously creamy full-cream and light milks from Riverina Fresh and our alternatives (Soy, Almond, Lactose-Free) are from MILKLAB and Bonsoy. These are the perfect pairing for our coffee, chocolate, chai and tea and will certainly please the most discerning of sippers!